Emily barefoot, Sales manager


Emily was born and raised in Clayton NC and currently resides here. While working with Dr. Ferez, she has been able to educate people on the advantages of Symmetry Orthotics through their wide range of products that cater to everyone. She studied business management at William Peace University and after that, was named top salesman of the year with her previous company and has received numerous awards for her genuine attitude and pride in customer service.

     Coming from a family involved in the medicine, Emily has been associated with the medical field since she was born. Her grandfather, Dr. Johnny W. Bagwell, began one of the largest family physician offices in Garner, NC called Garner Family Practice. Dr. Bagwell also owns River Ridge Golf Club in Raleigh, NC, where her father is Captain David Barefoot of the City of Raleigh Fire Department.

    Emily is well educated on this product and a true believer because of the breakthroughs she discovered while using the Symmetry Orthotics. She suffers from what many people call "flat feet" or Pes Planus. This is where the arches of the feet collapse and in her case, caused balance and stability issues. With her first visit to Dr. Ferez, she was amazed at the difference that the Symmetry Orthotics made and is a strong believer that the feet are the foundation of your body, much like a house. If you do not have a strong foundation, the structure will eventually begin to deteriorate leading to more adjustments through chiropractors and more pain and discomfort for the patient.

     Besides her love for helping people and being involved in her church, she spends her free time with her 3 year old daughter Jaycie and enjoys volunteering at House of Hope. Her passion is to educate people on the health benefits of Symmetry Orthotics and be a testimony to how they have changed her life. 

                         " Having a strong body begins with a strong foundation"

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dr Nicholas ferez, dc,FASA

   Emerging as one of the world's leading providers of flexible, custom-fit arch supports, Symmetry Orthotics have helped many people live happy, healthier lives one step at a time. Read below to learn about Symmetry Arch Supports and how our quality products coupled with chiropractic care can lead to a better lifestyle.

   Orthotics are appliances designed to accommodate and reduce foot abnormalities, and balance the body by achieving a sub-talar neutral position. Traditionally, these orthotics have been constructed of rigid plastic or soft leather. More recently composite materials like graphite or Kevlar have become common. Most are formed by taking a three dimensional foam or plaster impression; "a molded blueprint of the patient's imperfect foot" in a weight bearing, semi or non-weight bearing stance. From this mold a customized device is constructed which mirrors the imperfect foot while building up, recessing or canting certain areas in an attempt to normalize specific foot problems.

   Symmetry Orthotics Are Different. They are designed from an idealized mold of a normal foot. Constructed of Ethylenevinylacetate (EVA) and available in 22 different size and width combinations, we can successfully help virtually any patient from small children to large footed athletes. Symmetry Orthotics begin with an ideal mold changing the patient's feet to normal, naturally.