By performing a balance test, you will be able to size and fit your patients in minutes.




Always remember!!!

  • ALWAYS test two different sizes, so your patient will get the most benefit and comfort possible.
  • ALWAYS test balance without Orthotics first, and with Orthotics second.

  • For Women, you will want to balance test in orthotics 2-3 sizes smaller than their shoe size. (Example: if a woman wears a size 8 shoe, you would balance a size 5 and 6 arch support).

  • For Men, you will want to balance test in orthotics 1-2 sizes smaller than their shoe size. (Example: if a man wears a size 10 shoe, you will balance a size 8 and 9 arch support).

  • After balance testing the patient with both sizes, it will be clear which size arch support provides the best balance and comfort.

2. Next, the patient will make cups with their hands pointing in-ward toward their thighs. The Doctor will test both sides for balance with NO ORTHOTICS. You can see the patient is leaning to the side.

1. Have the patient stand up straight with their feet shoulder width apart, with NO ORTHOTICS. They will interlock their fingers directly in front of them. The doctor will push straight down with his fist applying moderate pressure. Clearly, this patient is leaning forward.

3. Lastly, when done from behind, with NO ORTHOTICS, the patient is leaning back on his heels.

5. Patient is stable from side to side with Symmetry Orthotics.

4. Now, testing with  Symmetry Orthotics, the patient is grounded and balanced.

6. Patient is balanced with both feet firmly planted using Symmetry Orthotics..