Alterations are made simply by switching sizes, on the spot, with no messy impressions or alterations, no lapse in care and no returning arch supports to the "LAB" for corrections as with so many "traditional" arch supports! Patients can be tested, fitted, educated and sent home with their arch supports the same day because the SYMMETRYS are made in precise, standardized sizes.     

    We can justify medical necessity as well as correctly size the patient with our unique impression system. We simply take an "ink" impression of the feet, like a footprint, which immediately helps the doctor establish diagnoses and discover areas of stress, loss of support and imbalance in the feet. The impressions help the patient "see for themselves" the problems in their foot posture. (Other types of impressions don't) The Symmetry balance tests objectively demonstrate foot and postural imbalances to the patient.

    Patients will no longer question the need or benefit of arch supports. It is proven before their eyes, before they pay! Doctors can feel assured of the benefits the SYMMETRYS will provide their patients! Because of the immediate and dramatic results there is no guessing whether our arch supports will help the patient or not, we know before they are prescribed! After training, STAFF can size and fit patients, conduct initial balance tests and review benefits and wearing instructions sheet with the patients, unlike "traditional" custom arch supports fittings. The doctor can then verify results and determine the proper size and wearing recommendations.

    This saves doctor's time and effort while helping more patients and increasing scope, profitability and clinical results of the practice. The patient's foot is reshaped into the "ideal" position of the anatomically correct SYMMETRY orthotic, functionally improving the bio-mechanics of the patient's entire body. With other arch supports, the orthotic is made in the shape of the patient's anatomically incorrect foot. This only accommodates the foot maintaining the abnormal status quo! SYMMETRY ARCH SUPPORTS…"The way feet should be !!"


Our softest and most flexible arch support. Great for kids, seniors, adults, and athletic activities. Very effective alone, but most commonly used as a trainer or companion for our most supportive "Plus" or "XT" models. Six month warranty, expected useful life one year or more.


Our most popular and most versatile arch and heel support. Firm, yet flexible. Great for everyday use in all types of shoes. Our best results are achieved using the Symmetry Sport as a trainer for one month. 5-year warranty, expected useful life 10+ years.


Wafer thin, light arch support designed to best fit in loafers, flats and other dress shoes. Due to their black color and thinness, they blend well (remain inconspicuous) even with open shoes. Firm yet flexible, they are a natural addition to our line of full support Symmetry Orthotics. 3-year warranty, expected useful life 5+ years. 


Our most firm device offering maximum support. Still semi-flexible, but firm enough for heavier patients and heavier use. Again, our best results are achieved using the Symmetry Sport as a trainer for 1 month. 5-year warranty, expected useful life 10+ years.


The Covered Symmetry Dress is a wafer-thin arch support offering light, padded support. The orthotic has an attached suede cover that extends and provides padding to the metatarsal heads. It is designed to fit in shoes that normally cannot accommodate an arch support. Men's loafers and women's dress shoes are examples of shoes that may not have sufficient depth for the higher profile of Symmetry Sport, Plus, and XT. The slim design (of both the covered and non-covered Dress) is also useful in boots, sandals, and open women's shoes. The thin design eliminates the need for a break-in period for the majority of wearers. It can also be used as a first step product for those who have difficulty adjusting to a metatarsal rise, or for those you expect will not comply with a break-in schedule. Both styles (covered and non-covered) are available in eleven sizes to fit the majority of arch sizes. 


The Soft Natural is a gel-like orthotic offering soft support and comfort. Like the Symmetry Sport, Plus, and XT, it supports all five arches and allows for ventilation of the feet. The soft gel material is especially useful for helping seniors who have lost fat padding on the bottom of their feet and helps to improve balance in a comfortable way. The Soft Natural is also ideal for kids and teens that need support and are wearing an arch support for the first time. Diabetics who have lost feeling in their feet and remain under physician supervision can also benefit from the Soft Natural with little chance of complications.


Thin, comfortable, flat insert made of breathable natural rubber that fit under or over our arch supports to provide comfort, cushioning, and spring to each and every step. Available in 1/8" thickness for dress shoes or 3/16" for athletic shoes. Both help to reduce "step shock" and promote energy absorption.