Just want to say thank you for introducing me to Symmetry orthotic supports! Before trying them I was having severe low back pain and hip pain sending constant pain into my entire right leg. This kept me from resting at night, and also I couldn't stand for long periods of time without intense pain. After wearing Symmetry Arch Supports for just 24 days, I feel like a different person! My pain is nearly gone. I am sleeping 4-5 hours at a time now! I am finally beginning to feel rested for the first time in over a year. My balance is much better and my lower back has the support now that it had years ago. I would highly recommend Symmetry Orthotics to anyone with problems like mine! –D. Langston

      I would like to let you know how important Orthotics are to me. As you know, standing on concrete for 10 to 13 hours daily had taken a toll on my knees. The pain was particularly strong on the knee with previous surgery. I can feel a significant difference wearing the orthotics and feel little or no pain as I work. I would like to thank you for introducing me to orthotics. – T. Matthews

      I wanted to take a moment and tell you of my experience with Symmetry Arch Supports. For the past few months I have worn my orthotics on a rather hit or miss basis. This was due primarily to the constant changing of shoes and I was not transferring the orthotics every time. Also, since my back was not giving me any problems, I didn't see the need. All that changed earlier this month. During the first week of June I had entered the hospital for a simple same day surgical procedure. Unexpectedly, it turned into major surgery and I was hospitalized for five days. Upon my return, the back aches began with a vengeance. After trying exercises and medication, I remembered my orthotics. The first day I noticed a difference. What a relief not to have that annoying back ache any longer. Please inform your patients that it is more important than ever to wear their orthotics after surgery. They will be so pleased with the results. You can be assured that my surgeon will be informed of this "post-op care" as well. Again, thank you for a great product. –C.M. Caron

      This letter is in reference to my orthotics. I wanted to let you know how they have changed my life! I have had back trouble for about a year, then later found out I have Spina Bifida. When I came to see you there were some days I could hardly walk. I had weekly adjustments and with the orthotics I have had very minimal discomfort. I would recommend them to anyone that has had back trouble to purchase orthotics. They have taken a tremendous strain off of my back. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. – S. Petit

       Many thanks to Dr. Nick Ferez and staff. This had been a learning experience to remember. After raising four children I felt I knew how to deal with health insurance companies. This simple transaction took several phone calls and ended a six month battle for something that should have been a simple phone call for someone on this end of the state. I can't wait for my "Fred Sanford walk" to disappear. Symmetry Orthotics and Dr. Ferez are at the top of my list. I wish all doctor's offices worked with your efficiency. –J.W. Lanstra

      I would like to tell you how pleased I am with the Symmetry Arch Supports you fit me with in July of this year. For years I have had pain in my feet and difficulty walking. I have tried other foot products, but all have failed to relieve my pain and begin to correct my foot problems like the Symmetrys. Within the first few weeks I saw a dramatic difference in my ability to stay on my feet for longer periods of time without pain, as well as giving me a greater feeling of stability. Because I have Lupus, I have constant pain in most of my joints. With the orthotic in my shoes I am able to function normally again. I could not be happier with this product. I have recommended this product to my friends and relatives and hope they are helped like I was. Thank you again for your help. – Y. Theard

      My feet have been a painful experience since age 13 when I conned my mother into letting me buy 3" heels with round toes. I've never worn athletic tennis shoes. At present, my two pair of Rockport flats with 1" heels are comfortable and safer and accommodate my orthotics nicely. My balance is much better after easily inserting the orthotics. Thank you again for your product and courtesy. – V.S. Graham

      I want to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing me to the Symmetry Orthotics. They have drastically changed my life. I have no hip pain for the first time in ten years! Until I came to your office, I only got minimal pain relief in my hip with chiropractic care and massage therapy. You diagnosed my over pronation and corrected it. As a massage and neuromuscular therapist, I see how I have the potential to help my clients with these orthotics. I look forward to train under you and help educate other massage therapists on this added treatment for their clients. Again, thank you. P.J. Johnson CMT, NMT

     Please accept my gratitude for your kind and concerned chiropractic care. Over the past many months my life has been positively impacted by your thorough, gentle manipulations and adjustments. For years my multiple sclerosis has been gradually causing my walking to be unbalanced and even staggering. Although I realize this is a progressive disease and will never be cured, the use of your orthotics has made walking more pleasurable as well as secure. Even members of my family have commented on the increased steadiness and sureness of my walking. Of course, this has also helped my attitude and outlook on life. Thank you for your professional care and your friendship. D.F. Rogers