1. PREPARE your shoes by removing any built-in; “arched” shoe liners or inserts. This is important because the Symmetry Orthotics must lie flat along the sole and flush against the back of your shoes for best results. Built-in arched liners have not been designed or custom fit to your feet and will only act to improperly position your feet and arch supports. If arched liners are glued in, cut away or remove only the scaphoid pad (arched portion) to assure a comfortable, precise fit. (A utility knife works best.) If not glued in, remove the entire liner or simply remove the scaphoid (arched) portion and return the liner to the shoe. Removing arched liners may create too much room or discomfort within the shoe. You can replace them with our Symmetry natural rubber cushions if this occurs. Place them above or below your arch supports, based on comfort.

2. START by wearing your Symmetry arch supports 1-2 hours the first day and add approximately 1 hour each day as comfort permits. Don’t over wear your Symmetry’s during the break-in period! Continue until you can wear them comfortably all day long. This “break-in period” normally takes 1-2 weeks for the softer white arch supports and 2-4 weeks for the firmer tan arch supports. Begin your wearing hours at the start of each day. We have found that this promotes consistency and provides the greatest results. If you have difficulty adding 1 hour each day, it’s okay, add time more slowly. If the arch supports become acutely uncomfortable at any time, stop wearing them for that day, wear them the same amount of time the following day, and increase wearing time by only 30 minutes per day from then on. Remember, we’re trying to restore symmetry and balance to an imbalanced structure; you!!! This takes time and patience. We cannot reverse in a few months what has taken years to acquire.

3. EXPECT to feel an uncomfortable lump under the middle to forward part of your arches during the break-in period as well as soreness when you first put on the arch supports each day. Most people do. This is normal! These lumps will become less noticeable over time and then gradually disappear, as your feet are re-shaped. Remember, these are corrective devices and not just cushions. Our aim is to “fix” problems, not just cover them up. If you feel the arch supports differently on the left and right it indicates that your feet have become asymmetrical and require correction. In this case expect one foot to take longer to adjust as the arch supports restore symmetry to your feet. Some patients enjoy instant relief while others experience a short-term shift of symptoms in their feet, legs, or back. Don’t worry. These minor annoyances are common and are due to muscle re-balancing. They will disappear as the Symmetrys make postural changes to your body. NOTE: If at any time you experience any severe numbness, tingling or pain as a result of wearing your Symmetry Arch Support, stop wearing them and report this to our office immediately!

4. IF YOUR ARCH SUPPORTS SLIP FORWARD, attach a two-sided Velcro strip to the bottom of the heel cup. If your heels rise or slip out of your shoe when you’re walking, attach moleskin across the back inside edge of the shoe. When purchasing new shoes always try them on with your arch supports. This will assure a precise, perfect fit right from the start. Expect older, worn out shoes to take longer to comfortably accommodate your new arch supports. For men, boat shoes and loafers are most difficult, laced shoes are easiest. Women can use moleskin and/or velcro in flats or pumps, or wear inside hose for open heeled shoes.

5. EXERCISE with your new arch supports only after you are able to wear them comfortably all day long. There is also an additional break-in period once this more aggressive activity is initiated. Don’t worry! This too will dissipate with time.

6. DO NOT expose your supports to extreme temperatures like in an enclosed car, a car’s dashboard, on a windowsill, direct sunlight, near a heat source, in a dishwasher, clothes washer or dryer. Extreme heat may affect the support's shape and integrity. Also, keep them away from pets and children who have tendency to chew or lose things. Such damage or loss is not warranteed. Wash arch supports in lukewarm soapy water.


… DON’T leave arch supports in a hot car!

… DON’T expose arch supports to extremely hot temperatures, to pets or to children.

… DON’T over wear arch supports during break-in period.

… DON’T use arch supports for high-impact sport activities during break-in period.


1. PLEASE read and follow the wearing instructions on the above page!!!

2. Even if symptoms started recently, problems develop over time. Healing also takes time, be patient.

3. Symmetry Orthotics are designed to fit most shoes. Use them in all shoes to make each ideal for you!

4. Increase wearing time approximately 1 hour each day or as appropriate, based on comfort.

5. Wear thick socks during the initial 2-4 week break-in period for added comfort and cushioning.

6. Remove any built-in arches in your shoes (remove entirely or cut out scaphoid portion)

7. Add a Symmetry natural rubber cushion over or under arch supports for comfort and cushioning.

8. Place arch supports over or under the built-in shoe liners or inserts (only if the liner is relatively flat).

9. When buying new shoes, bring along your arch supports to insure a perfect fit right from the start!

10. In the future, buy and wear shoes with no built-in arched liners. Shoe size may go up or down ½ size.

11. Wear lace up shoes when possible and alter tightness as needed for optimal comfort.

12. During Break-in, roll a golf ball under the soles of your feet first thing in the morning and at bedtime.

13. Self massage your feet (heels & soles especially) and soak them in cool water at the end of the day.

14. Have your feet adjusted or massaged if you receive Chiropractic, Massage or Physical Therapy care.

15. Remember, when trying to “retrofit” your new arch supports into old shoes, the break in time may be longer. But as the new demands on the shoe’s leather alter the shoe’s shape, these shoes will accommodate your new arch supports and feet comfortably.

16. Keep the inside of shoes free from dirt, sand and gravel to reduce wear and tear on arch supports.


… Remove existing “arched” shoe liners.

… Increase wearing time each day.

… Follow these instructions!

…Wear your supports in all shoes possible.

… Hand wash in lukewarm soapy water.

… Call our office with any questions.

… Have supports re-checked yearly

… Remove debris from inside shoes